Fall and Winter Dates are rollin' in Kids

The band has had a fantastic summer, as always, and there's still a LOT more to go, including upcoming gigs at The Sandbar and Pirates Cove...two of the best summertime venues in the area!  In addition, we have booked a number of new gigs for the fall and end-of-year that we're very stoked about....including our return to Rising Star Casino at the end of September!  Speaking of the end of September, we're now booked to gig FOUR days in a row around that time.  It's a return to our days of the  "We'll Sleep When We're Dead Tour".  No rest for the wicked...or the rockin'.  

Check out the Gigs page for a full rundown and update!  Cya's OUT THERE!  B Kewl.

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