Been a While...

Hey there, sorry it's been so long since we "blogged ya", but life gets in the way when you're giggin' and grinnin' and goin' into the night each weekend to play for all the good people of the greater Cincy area!  We just put the final wraps on 2017 and are once again shining up the big Gamut bus for a LOT of continued fun and ROCK in the new year of 2018!!  We have bookings into October already and most of our favorite venues and clubs are already inked and on the schedule.  You can find them now as we've just updated things in the calendar.  We humbly THANK YOU all once again for a killer year with more fun had than what we deserve, and also warmly invite you to continue on this ride with us as we head into the band's 36th year of live rock. We love ya man!!

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