2020... And The big Gamut bus keeps rolling on

The band is ready, able, willin', and pumped to begin our 38th year of bringing rock and roll to the greater Cincinnati area in 2020. What a long strange trip it's been. We consider ourselves very lucky to have kept the flame alive this long, recharging and passing the torch at times when it became necessary, to push ahead. At times it's been tough, but the music had always pulled us through.....along with all the friends and fans who have come along the way to join in, sing, boost, and dance to the music we make. Our list of "Gamutfans" continues to grow each year and we are humbled, and deeply touched each time to show up at a venue and see so many familiar faces. THANK YOU! 

The new year is shaping up very nicely and we're ready to rock once again. Go to thegamut.com to get the calendar view of all our new gigs booked to date. 

See ya out there! We love ya, Man....

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