Big 3 gig weekend, including The City of Madeira Summer Street Dance

It's gonna be a large weekend for the band and for YOU!  

Friday night we're back at Drew's on the RIver and we can't wait!  It's been too long since we were there last and we're ready to rock the river once again for George and all his crew!  Make sure you come down...we'll be back for one more gig in September, but this is it for a true summer session!

Saturday night...and we can't be more thrilled...... The mighty Gamut return to the Madeira Street Dance! We played this fantastic gig for 8 years back in the 80's and 90's and it was always a killer evening.  Now the band is back, and better than ever, ready to shake the sidewalks for the City of Madeira one more time!  We go at 7PM.

A truly unusual night caps off our 3 nights, with a gig at Belterra Park and Gaming on MONDAY the 17th from 5:30 to 9:30!  We're rockin the Stadium Club and are looking for all the good folks down there to join us, along with those that are going to the big concert at Riverbend with Styx, Def Lepard, and Tesla later that night.  no excuses!

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