2019 For The GAMUT

We are now booking gigs for 2019 and things are looking like we're gonna be rockin' and rolling in even cooler style, takin' the big Gamut bus all around the Greater Cincy area once again!  Many return engagements are planned, and we're also "in discussion" with new venues as well.  The entire band would like to thank everyone who came out to the shows this year and joined us in just makin' music and having some big fun.  2019 marks the 37th year since the band was born, starting out in 1982 as The Mark Michaels Band.  10 years later, in 1992, we became The Gamut (of Rock and Roll) and it's been our moniker and guiding direction ever since.  Here's to continuing this wonderful journey for many more years to come......with you guys sailing along each time we hit the stage.  It's *still* magic....

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