Sept 2020 -> "This band is awesome, not bc I know them, it's that they know music. I will be there , can't wait! You will love them. Great female lead vocalist. And great musicians that also sing and rock!" May 2021 -> "35yr veteran of guitar and music here... trust me, you will NOT be disappointed by any measure. The technical proficiency of this band will stun and amaze you. CD-quality with live stage kicker. I say no more..."”

— -Facebook Fans


Your source for Rock and Roll Red Bull... If you're looking for great, high energy, danceable rock & roll, look to The Gamut. Featuring music predominantly from the 80's to present, The Gamut highlights rock from great acts such as Journey, Boston, Heart, Bruno Mars, Aerosmith, Benatar, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi, Styx, REO, Def Leppard, Walk The Moon, and a ton more!

An update from the band... 

Each of us sincerely hope you all are staying safe and remaining healthy during this unbelievable pandemic.  The band is generally doing well, but some of us have unfortunately experienced a bout with the virus.... however, all are thru it, thank God.  In order to keep everyone on the same upward path, we made the hard decision to cancel all our remaining shows (that hadn't been cancelled already!) for the rest of 2020.  

Please know that we are full speed ahead for 2021 whenever things are opened up again.  We currently have 25 tentative dates set up at this point, so we're ready to rock as soon as the world is!   


Mark, Garph, JD, Aaron, Albina and Kilowatt

The Gamut Bus Rolls On! 

No doubt, 2020 has been brutal one, and we've been spending a ton of time in the studio rehearsal space, working on new material and dreaming of getting back to regular and frequent gigs again!  The last 3 months of this year are looking stronger and we're super jazzed to be doing more shows to close out this drought for all live music!  We hope you will join us, especially if you haven't heard or met Albina, our newest member, singing all the tunes you know and love from The Gamut, along with many new ones coming to our set lists!   All the best to everyone this fall and we look forward to seeing you again "out there"!  

-Mark, Garph, JD, Aaron, Albina and Watt

Our Newest Bandmate! 

The Gamut of Rock & Roll would like to welcome and introduce to you our newest member, ALBINA ANNEKEN!  She’ll be fronting the band, singing, and rocking it out for our great fans!  Albina's career began at an early age, appearing on the Uncle Al Show, singing and dancing to such hits as Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Were Made For Walking."  Her natural talent landed her at the age of 8 in an adult choir as a soprano.  Albina has the ability to conform to any genre of music and has done so with many bands in Cincinnati….singing Rock, Pop, Country, Big Band, Jazz, R&B, Christian Rock, Classical, and Classical Italian.  She has recorded various TV and radio commercials and has opened for Ray Charles at the Aronoff and Huey Lewis.  Her first gig with us will be on Aug 22nd at Keehner Park, for the City of West Chester Summer Concert series.  The boys look forward to you meeting and hearing Albina! 

Gigs gone away, but not forever! Hang in there kids!! 

Our collective hearts go out to everyone regarding the challenges we're all facing with the Covid-19 pandemic.  We hope each and everyone of our friends and fans stay safe, well, and segregated until this all passes us by, and the blue skies return...and they will!  Just a reminder, while obvious at this point, that all of our current gigs on the schedule are now "on hold" until further notice.  We will update you all when we know more.  STAY SAFE.... WE LOVE YA MAN!

2020... And The big Gamut bus keeps rolling on 

The band is ready, able, willin', and pumped to begin our 38th year of bringing rock and roll to the greater Cincinnati area in 2020. What a long strange trip it's been. We consider ourselves very lucky to have kept the flame alive this long, recharging and passing the torch at times when it became necessary, to push ahead. At times it's been tough, but the music had always pulled us through.....along with all the friends and fans who have come along the way to join in, sing, boost, and dance to the music we make. Our list of "Gamutfans" continues to grow each year and we are humbled, and deeply touched each time to show up at a venue and see so many familiar faces. THANK YOU! 

The new year is shaping up very nicely and we're ready to rock once again. Go to to get the calendar view of all our new gigs booked to date. 

See ya out there! We love ya, Man....

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