Your source for Rock and Roll Red Bull... If you're looking for great, high energy, danceable rock & roll, look to The Gamut. Featuring music predominantly from the 80's to present, The Gamut highlights rock from great acts such as Journey, Boston, Heart, Duffy, Aerosmith, Benatar, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, Def Leppard, Poison, and a ton more!

This weekend at Froggys and new shows!!! 

Gamut is highly pumped to get back on the stage at Froggys this Saturday night and rock for all the good people of Monroe and the entire region around it!  This venue has built itself into one of the very best in the area with a large dance floor, killer stage, super big bar, and the friendliest staff and management you can find anywhere! Please join us as we blow the roof off once again!

Secondly, please check our our new shows page for December and 2016, now updated here.  We've added 21 new ones and the… Read more

STROHBASH 2015!!! 

This Saturday, 9PM!!  If you haven't gotten an invite, sux to be you...but this is absolutely the biggest, baddest, and best Halloween party in the tri-state area!  Greg and Bridgette ROCK THE HOUSE yet again this year with 300 of their closest friends!!  Hang on kids!!

Beth's Birthday at Drews! 

Friday night at Drews on the RIver was awesome, as you can see here!  The ladies insisted we let them take over for the night as a way to celebrate Beth's (orange skirt) birthday.  It sounded ok with us, since there was beer there while we sat and watched.  Happy Birthday Beth!

This Weekend - Drews and DeSha's! 

On the river one last time this year, rockin at Drews on the River on Friday night!  Make sure you mark it down, because you won't be able to catch us again at this great venue until the spring of 2016!   Saturday night we are grinnin' to be back at Desha's Tavern, one of our favorites.  Come early, have a wonderful dinner, and then join The Gamut for some rock and roll!  

Big 3 gig weekend, including The City of Madeira Summer Street Dance 

It's gonna be a large weekend for the band and for YOU!  

Friday night we're back at Drew's on the RIver and we can't wait!  It's been too long since we were there last and we're ready to rock the river once again for George and all his crew!  Make sure you come down...we'll be back for one more gig in September, but this is it for a true summer session!

Saturday night...and we can't be more thrilled...... The mighty Gamut return to the Madeira Street Dance! We played this fantastic gig for 8 years back in… Read more


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